Meet Bri!

Bri Shugrue
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Hey everyone!
My name is Bri! I have worked as a bartender at Christys Euro Pub for three years this upcoming summer! Throughout the past two and a half years the Pub employees have become my family. What I look forward to most about work is seeing my best friends every single day. The pub regulars, you know who you are, have looked out for me since day one and have made work an absolute pleasure. Working in an environment where I feel loved and supported makes all the difference.

Being a vegetarian, many people believe I am limited with what I can eat at the Pub. That is NOT the case. I eat at Christy’s all the time! Even on my days off, you can more than likely find me on the patio with a sour beer and a cheesefake sandwich.

I would like to take this time to thank my bosses, Tandi and Jacob, who have worked with every employee during this chaotic time to make sure we are all taken care of. I would also like to thank my General Manager, Taylor Johnson, and all of my pub family for continuously reaching out and proving that the pub family is in fact the BEST family a girl could ask for. I love what I do and I cannot wait until all of this craziness is over so I can get back to serving our reliable customers delicious food and yummy drinks! Stay safe everyone!

All my love, Bri Shugrue

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Here’s Danny!

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This is our very own Danny. He has worked for us in the kitchen for over two years now. To get to know Danny, I’m just going to let the interview speak for itself!

What do you love about Christys? “The blue cheese dressing”

Favorite Menu Item: ”Pub Club”

Favorite drink or food item to make? ”Dessert”

Last Pub person and/or regular you had a drink or meal with? ”Jerry”

If in school, what are you studying? “Underwater Basket Weaving”

Dream Job? “Voice actor for Disney”

Hobbies? “Working”

Discovered any new hobbies since the shelter in place movement? ”Watching paint dry”

Random fact about yourself? “I’m the luckiest man alive to be with my fiancée Ellen”

Life Motto? “Tacos help”

How are you personally being affected by COVID-19? “Working about half as much as I was, and am afraid of the grocery store.”

What do you miss most about dine in service? “Open mic night”

Anything else you want our customers to know or tell them? “Thanks for keeping me employed.”

Anyone you want to thank? “Everyone who has ever laughed at my jokes”

Danny may be a man of little words but he’s straight to the point and keeps us laughing along the way.

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Meet Taylor J.

Taylor J.
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“Hi there! I’m the General Manager here at Christy’s. March actually marked 9 years of me being a team member here. Hard to believe! What I love most and my favorite part of Christy’s is that I can honestly say I have the largest and best FAMILY a girl could ask for. My bosses, coworkers, regulars and even the distributors that work with us to help make the Pub, THE PUB, are way more than just that. Currently (it changes weekly), my favorite menu item is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. Add pepper jack and pickles please! And the chipotle aioli of course. I would give anything to make you just one of the 200+ Christy’s Mimosas we make on Sundays right now. I graduated from ECU in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in dance performance. While I miss dancing, I found my place in the service industry. I enjoyed learning about hospitality management and that is all thanks to our business savvy, bad ass boss lady, Tandi. As you probably recall, March 17th at 5pm, dine-in service was discontinued here in Greenville. Luckily, I got to spend the first part of St. Paddy’s working at the Pub and the second part on the Pub patio with several of my coworkers and customers. The third part we spent preparing how to move forward in a way that Christy’s could survive. Fortunately, I have been able to continue to work. But, like everyone at Christy’s, my hours have been cut significantly. I was actually saving to buy a house within the next couple months but that has been put on hold until the service industry can return to a consistent revenue and income. On a positive note, with the extra time spent at home, I have started exercising more, picked up my sketchbook and even plan on learning some macrame! I cannot wait to see all your faces back at the Pub, sitting at the bar, drinking a pint that I poured for you!

I want to thank Tandi and Jacob for figuring out this new business model so that we are able to work and the support they have provided to all of us here at Christy’s. My staff for hanging in there and adapting. Your resilience is respected and admirable. The Greenville CommUNITY for showing up, supporting us, and just being awesome human beings. That means YOU! My mom and sister- they’ve checked in, shared info and helped ground me during this time of uncertainty. My heart is so full, and in the mean time, I am sending out all the love and positive vibes. As many of our friends and local businesses have said before, we will survive this.”

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Meet Pierre!

Pierre Nobles
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This is Pierre! He has been one of our cooks in the kitchen for about 3 years. His favorite thing about Christy’s is his shift meals. Make that an Original Cheeseburger! But his favorite thing to cook is the Beef Cheesesteak. His dream job would be to work in the music or fashion industry. You may have noticed him sporting his own Christy’s, DAP House or Jarvis Street Bottle Shop shirt. When he’s not whipping up tasty Pub fare, he enjoys playing with his son, making those awesome custom tees, playing XBox and social networking. When I asked him if he’s picked up any new hobbies since the shelter in place movement, he said he had spent some more time yard working but really just wants to keep busy.

Random fact about yourself? “I Can’t Swim”

Life Motto? “You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat”

How are you personally being affected by COVID-19: “Reduced Hours And Completely Laid Off My Second Job,Which Was Much Needed”

What do you miss most about dine in service? “Being Able To Show Off My T Shirts Lol”

Anything else you want our customers to know or tell them? “We Miss You Guys Hope Everyone Is Being Smart And Safe”

Anyone you want to thank? “God, Myself And Tandi,Jacob,Taylor,Kristy,Kevin,Evan,
Keyshawn,And Danny Thanks For Everything”

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Meet Brittany!

Meet Brit!
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Hello! My name is Brittany. My position is bartender/server. The thing I love the most about Christy’s, is that it has a family feel. Whether its between the workers, customers, or the owners, if you frequent Christy’s often enough, you’re automatically sworn into the family sooner or later. My favorite menu item? I couldn’t possibly answer that question because I love all of it 🙂 Favorite drink to make? I don’t particularly have a favorite, but I can tell you I’ve made enough mimosas to last a lifetime. #everyonelovesmimosas. I am currently in my last semester for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. That is why you only get to see this pretty face on Saturdays 🙂 My dream job is to live on an island where all rescue animals can be free and I can have fluffy snuggles all day for the rest of my life. Enough said. I don’t have any current hobbies besides schoolwork. Almost to the finish line! Also do not have any NEW hobbies due to the increased amount of schoolwork since COVID19.. Lol. Send help. A random fact about myself is that I don’t like saying random facts about myself 😀 I swear I’m a nice person :). Motto: “Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger” I want to thank all of the customers that have allowed us to stay busy and open! We would not be able to achieve this without the love and support of our customers/pub family. It has allowed a lot of us to continue working, and stay sane during this pandemic. You have made us feel loved and cherished and we can’t express our thank you, except for the mimosas to go option of course! We’re all in this together as a community, and we’re going to make it through this!

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Meet Evan!

Evan Crew
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Evan is one of our kitchen managers here at the pub. He has worked at Christy’s for over 3 years. When you ask him what he loves about Christy’s, this is what he says. “EVERYTHING. We are a family here. Customers and employees alike. His favorite menu item is our Pulled Pork Tacos but his favorite things to make in the kitchen are soups and cheesecakes. When he’s not on the clock, he enjoys a good Guinness with a side of Jameson. I asked everyone to recall the last pub person they had a drink or meal with and Evan said half a patio of fellow employees and the other half full of regulars. “We are a tight bunch and we miss everyone dearly. You know who you are.” Evan is studying Business right now but his dream job is to be a professional rally car driver/rockstar/chef/fisherman… I’m sure there’s more. In his off time he enjoys kayaking and fishing. With the extra time we’ve all found during this shelter-in-place movement, Evan says school has been keeping him busy but it has reignited the time he spends reading, catching up on shows and even playing the drums.

Random fact about yourself: “I have a better cat than you. His name is Louie. And I love woodworking.”

How are you personally being affected by COVID-19? “Hurting financially like everyone else, but mostly just missing being my around my people. This social distancing stuff is no fun. Also, I can tell my cat is wondering why I’m spending so much time in his house.”

What do you miss most about dine-in service? “I really miss the business and chaos that it often brought. Nothing like the pub on a weekend brunch to really get you up and going. People in our line of work sometimes actually enjoy that and I’m for sure one of them. “

Life Motto: “Embrace the suck”

Anyone you want to thank? “First and mostly, you the customers and regulars. Without you this place is nothing. Secondly, our owners Tandi and Jacob. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help run such a kick ass place. And thirdly, all of the employees I work with. We may not always get along, but boy do I love all you fools.

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Meet the Pub Family!

Hey Greenville! Thought I’d do another weekly check-in. These are the faces of Christy’s Euro Pub and we want to THANK YOU! We are continuing to work diligently so that we can serve you your favorite pub fare. I can assure you that we are cleaning and sanitizing consistently for the safety of our employees and customers. You all have been amazing during this time! Your continued support truly helps Christy’s and the people that make Christy’s survive! We hope that you continue to support small businesses during this time. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check out the #BelieveInGreenville tees available to purchase. Every take-out and delivery order you make helps the Pub stay open and every tip you give helps Pub employees live a bit more comfortably. Keep an eye out for some upcoming blogs that will introduce you to individual staff members so you can get to know them a little better! Cheers Greenville!

Gratefully yours,


A Letter from Me to You…

As we are a week into this new way of life for the service industry, I wanted to reach out to you, our community, and say a few words. First of all, I cannot say THANK YOU enough to everyone that has shown up, ordered take out and delivery, shared our posts, tipped our staff and just offered kind words. My heart is so full of love for our Greenville family. We are truly grateful that we can still operate on a modified scale to help serve you but also help our employees keep a little in their pockets.

And I as I sit here, I must ask for this wave of generosity to continue, not just for us, but for all small businesses. It is truly a matter of survival. Tip generously, buy gift certificates, purchase merchandise and utilize take-out and delivery options. I am of the opinion that restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops fuel our normal social realities and social normalcy thrives in these kind of environments. This includes all public entities such as museums, fitness centers, pop up shops, boutiques, salons, music and dance studios, concert venues and everyone else that survives on the foot traffic of frequent patrons. We have adapted in so many ways and I am so proud to be a part of a community that can thrive in an hour of uncertainty.

To my fellow business owners and managers, we will survive this.

To my community, there are not enough ways to thank you.

If you’d like to support us, but cannot make it to the pub, please consider visiting one of these sites! These incredible humans have offered up a way for you to help us from the comfort of your home…

This local company is printing tee shirts and giving 100% of the profits to the local business your choose during checkout.

Zach is a very talented local artist and one of Christy’s regular customers. He is donating 50% of sales from a selection of his handmade items directly to the Pub.

Forever grateful,

Taylor Johnson

“It’s Like Your Living Room, but You Have to Wear Pants!”

Looking for a nice relaxing place to grab a bite, a drink, or just come relax and listen to some local bands? Well come hit us up at Christy’s Euro Pub. Invite your friends, and meet at our place for lunch, dinner, or late-night!

We are located in the heart of Greenville, NC a few blocks from East Carolina University. Established in December of 2001.