Meet Matt!

Matt has worked at Christy’s for almost two years now. Being a jack of all trades, he works in the kitchen, as a bar back and most recently as one of our delivery drivers. His favorite menu item is our Smokehouse Nachos but he also loves making our homemade Beer Cheese Dip. His dream job is to be a touring musician. You may have heard his band locally here at the Pub or at other venues around town. His hobbies include woodworking, electronics, mycology, and magnets. Something he would like to start tinkering with is a Ham radio. One random fact about Matt, he is an Eagle Scout!

Note from Matt: “So I’ve been coming to Christy’s since around 2008 or something. Ive met a lot of friends here and its the hangout spot for all of my high school friends when they come back to town. The culture of the bar is really inclusive and it feels like one big family.”

What do you miss most about dine in service? “The energy of the Pub and getting to see my friends and cooking them great food.”

How have you personally been affected by COVID-19? Me and my mom are both at higher risk to exposure, she’s a doctor and I work in a restaurant. So that’s kinda freaky if I think about it too much. I also cannot see my dad and his wife because of my exposure risk so that sucks.”

Anything else you want our customers to know? “Thank you guys for supporting us through all of this.”

Anyone you want to thank? “My family, friends and coworkers”

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