Here’s Danny!

Venmo @Daniel-Lisching

This is our very own Danny. He has worked for us in the kitchen for over two years now. To get to know Danny, I’m just going to let the interview speak for itself!

What do you love about Christys? “The blue cheese dressing”

Favorite Menu Item: ”Pub Club”

Favorite drink or food item to make? ”Dessert”

Last Pub person and/or regular you had a drink or meal with? ”Jerry”

If in school, what are you studying? “Underwater Basket Weaving”

Dream Job? “Voice actor for Disney”

Hobbies? “Working”

Discovered any new hobbies since the shelter in place movement? ”Watching paint dry”

Random fact about yourself? “I’m the luckiest man alive to be with my fiancée Ellen”

Life Motto? “Tacos help”

How are you personally being affected by COVID-19? “Working about half as much as I was, and am afraid of the grocery store.”

What do you miss most about dine in service? “Open mic night”

Anything else you want our customers to know or tell them? “Thanks for keeping me employed.”

Anyone you want to thank? “Everyone who has ever laughed at my jokes”

Danny may be a man of little words but he’s straight to the point and keeps us laughing along the way.

Send Danny a virtual tip! Venmo: @Daniel-Lisching

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