Meet Taylor J.

Taylor J.
Venmo @Taylor-Johnson-70

“Hi there! I’m the General Manager here at Christy’s. March actually marked 9 years of me being a team member here. Hard to believe! What I love most and my favorite part of Christy’s is that I can honestly say I have the largest and best FAMILY a girl could ask for. My bosses, coworkers, regulars and even the distributors that work with us to help make the Pub, THE PUB, are way more than just that. Currently (it changes weekly), my favorite menu item is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. Add pepper jack and pickles please! And the chipotle aioli of course. I would give anything to make you just one of the 200+ Christy’s Mimosas we make on Sundays right now. I graduated from ECU in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in dance performance. While I miss dancing, I found my place in the service industry. I enjoyed learning about hospitality management and that is all thanks to our business savvy, bad ass boss lady, Tandi. As you probably recall, March 17th at 5pm, dine-in service was discontinued here in Greenville. Luckily, I got to spend the first part of St. Paddy’s working at the Pub and the second part on the Pub patio with several of my coworkers and customers. The third part we spent preparing how to move forward in a way that Christy’s could survive. Fortunately, I have been able to continue to work. But, like everyone at Christy’s, my hours have been cut significantly. I was actually saving to buy a house within the next couple months but that has been put on hold until the service industry can return to a consistent revenue and income. On a positive note, with the extra time spent at home, I have started exercising more, picked up my sketchbook and even plan on learning some macrame! I cannot wait to see all your faces back at the Pub, sitting at the bar, drinking a pint that I poured for you!

I want to thank Tandi and Jacob for figuring out this new business model so that we are able to work and the support they have provided to all of us here at Christy’s. My staff for hanging in there and adapting. Your resilience is respected and admirable. The Greenville CommUNITY for showing up, supporting us, and just being awesome human beings. That means YOU! My mom and sister- they’ve checked in, shared info and helped ground me during this time of uncertainty. My heart is so full, and in the mean time, I am sending out all the love and positive vibes. As many of our friends and local businesses have said before, we will survive this.”

Feel like sending Taylor a virtual tip? Venmo @Taylor-Johnson-70

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