Meet Evan!

Evan Crew
Venmo: Evan-Crew-1

Evan is one of our kitchen managers here at the pub. He has worked at Christy’s for over 3 years. When you ask him what he loves about Christy’s, this is what he says. “EVERYTHING. We are a family here. Customers and employees alike. His favorite menu item is our Pulled Pork Tacos but his favorite things to make in the kitchen are soups and cheesecakes. When he’s not on the clock, he enjoys a good Guinness with a side of Jameson. I asked everyone to recall the last pub person they had a drink or meal with and Evan said half a patio of fellow employees and the other half full of regulars. “We are a tight bunch and we miss everyone dearly. You know who you are.” Evan is studying Business right now but his dream job is to be a professional rally car driver/rockstar/chef/fisherman… I’m sure there’s more. In his off time he enjoys kayaking and fishing. With the extra time we’ve all found during this shelter-in-place movement, Evan says school has been keeping him busy but it has reignited the time he spends reading, catching up on shows and even playing the drums.

Random fact about yourself: “I have a better cat than you. His name is Louie. And I love woodworking.”

How are you personally being affected by COVID-19? “Hurting financially like everyone else, but mostly just missing being my around my people. This social distancing stuff is no fun. Also, I can tell my cat is wondering why I’m spending so much time in his house.”

What do you miss most about dine-in service? “I really miss the business and chaos that it often brought. Nothing like the pub on a weekend brunch to really get you up and going. People in our line of work sometimes actually enjoy that and I’m for sure one of them. “

Life Motto: “Embrace the suck”

Anyone you want to thank? “First and mostly, you the customers and regulars. Without you this place is nothing. Secondly, our owners Tandi and Jacob. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help run such a kick ass place. And thirdly, all of the employees I work with. We may not always get along, but boy do I love all you fools.

Feel like tipping Evan? Venmo him @Evan-Crew-1

2 thoughts on “Meet Evan!”

  1. Great reading about you and your job at Christy’s. Keep up the good work, Evan. Wish I lived closer; now I am hungry! I am proud of you!

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  2. Surround yourself with good people and be happy. Keep working hard in all you do. Life is full of blessings and you are mine. Keep God 1st in all you do! Love mom!


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