Meet Brittany!

Meet Brit!
Venmo @Hitgirl104

Hello! My name is Brittany. My position is bartender/server. The thing I love the most about Christy’s, is that it has a family feel. Whether its between the workers, customers, or the owners, if you frequent Christy’s often enough, you’re automatically sworn into the family sooner or later. My favorite menu item? I couldn’t possibly answer that question because I love all of it 🙂 Favorite drink to make? I don’t particularly have a favorite, but I can tell you I’ve made enough mimosas to last a lifetime. #everyonelovesmimosas. I am currently in my last semester for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. That is why you only get to see this pretty face on Saturdays 🙂 My dream job is to live on an island where all rescue animals can be free and I can have fluffy snuggles all day for the rest of my life. Enough said. I don’t have any current hobbies besides schoolwork. Almost to the finish line! Also do not have any NEW hobbies due to the increased amount of schoolwork since COVID19.. Lol. Send help. A random fact about myself is that I don’t like saying random facts about myself 😀 I swear I’m a nice person :). Motto: “Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger” I want to thank all of the customers that have allowed us to stay busy and open! We would not be able to achieve this without the love and support of our customers/pub family. It has allowed a lot of us to continue working, and stay sane during this pandemic. You have made us feel loved and cherished and we can’t express our thank you, except for the mimosas to go option of course! We’re all in this together as a community, and we’re going to make it through this!

Feel like sending Brit a virtual tip? Venmo her @Hitgirl104

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