A Letter from Me to You…

As we are a week into this new way of life for the service industry, I wanted to reach out to you, our community, and say a few words. First of all, I cannot say THANK YOU enough to everyone that has shown up, ordered take out and delivery, shared our posts, tipped our staff and just offered kind words. My heart is so full of love for our Greenville family. We are truly grateful that we can still operate on a modified scale to help serve you but also help our employees keep a little in their pockets.

And I as I sit here, I must ask for this wave of generosity to continue, not just for us, but for all small businesses. It is truly a matter of survival. Tip generously, buy gift certificates, purchase merchandise and utilize take-out and delivery options. I am of the opinion that restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops fuel our normal social realities and social normalcy thrives in these kind of environments. This includes all public entities such as museums, fitness centers, pop up shops, boutiques, salons, music and dance studios, concert venues and everyone else that survives on the foot traffic of frequent patrons. We have adapted in so many ways and I am so proud to be a part of a community that can thrive in an hour of uncertainty.

To my fellow business owners and managers, we will survive this.

To my community, there are not enough ways to thank you.

If you’d like to support us, but cannot make it to the pub, please consider visiting one of these sites! These incredible humans have offered up a way for you to help us from the comfort of your home…


This local company is printing tee shirts and giving 100% of the profits to the local business your choose during checkout.


Zach is a very talented local artist and one of Christy’s regular customers. He is donating 50% of sales from a selection of his handmade items directly to the Pub.

Forever grateful,

Taylor Johnson

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